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What Sets Us Apart

of Environments

Our design philosophy goes beyond simple floor covering design.

We are aware that our products are part of a whole, a living environment inhabited by human beings. This environment undeniably influences the quality of life of those who inhabit it, whether consciously or unconsciously. That's why our approach is first and foremost holistic and collaborative, and why our team of designers is equipped to support you in your projects. We are able to use our expertise and technologies, in collaboration with you, to develop unique, customized floor coverings that will enhance your architectural and design interventions.Our goal is to collaborate fully with you in designing spaces that will meet the highest standards, whether in terms of design, the environment or health.

Quality of Our Yarns

Our expertise in yarn extrusion allows us to offer a high-quality product for all our customers.

Our Collections

Our team of designers combines specialization and unique expertise to create products that change the way spaces are seen and used.

Our Environmental Values

The environment and the sustainability of our products are at the heart of the company's success and the evolution of our practices.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing the highest quality textile floor covering products, in line with our customers' expectations and industry standards. Our goal is to achieve excellence in all aspects of our business, from material selection to delivery of the finished product.

Our History

Since 1928

Evolve or Face Obsolescence

Too few people truly know the story of this exceptional man ahead of his time.

In the '30s and '40s, as Quebec witnessed the exodus of its working population to the United States, Édouard Lacroix founded Saint-Georges Woolen Mills in Saint-Georges de Beauce, now known as Venture Carpets. The legacy of Édouard Lacroix, one of the most important businessmen in Canada at the time, is visible throughout our local heritage. Against all odds, he succeeded in developing a textile industry that still flourishes today, despite all the challenges it has faced. Five generations later, we continue to carry his torch. His exceptional story continues to inspire us.

"He started from scratch! He set off on his own with an axe on his shoulder, and a few years later he became one of the largest forestry contractors in the country, hiring over 6,500 employees"

Alexandre LacroixÉdouard Lacroix's great-grandson
96 years later, we continue to reinvent ourselves
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