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A new collection benefiting young artists

MOOD, a new collection to support young artists. Join us in making the world a better place by encouraging local purchasing and supporting the efforts of up-and-coming artists.

Venture Carpets is launching MOOD, a collection of rugs designed and manufactured entirely in Canada, a novelty that will also enable this local company to make a social commitment by proudly giving back to the youth community.‍For every square yard of carpet sold from the MOOD collection , Venture Carpets will donate $0.25 to organizations supporting the next generation of artists: one of the first initiatives of its kind within the textile industry. Royalties will be calculated yearly, in proportion to sales, and according to region. The royalties will then be donated to regional organizations whose mission and projects focus on the artistic expression of young people.

Changing the world, one tile at a time!

This financial support will enable many artists to rise to the top by obtaining the resources they need to develop their creativity.

Social engagement

Tapis Venture thus affirms its commitment to being recognized as a socially responsible company.

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