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Economic Benefits

Using MaxTab can result in cost and time savings of up to 50% compared to other flooring installation methods.

The glue-free MaxTab installation system can save you a considerable amount of time and money compared to other flooring solutions. With the help of professional and experienced flooring installers, we have developed different scenarios to demonstrate concretely and quantitatively what these savings can represent. All scenarios detailed below are based on a square room of 100 feet x 50 feet for a total area of 5,000 square feet.

Ideal for Corridors

PermaFuse XL is the ideal flooring solution for corridors and large spaces.

It consists of long carpet strips made of stain-resistant nylon and a width of 2 meters, equipped with an end backing made of inseparable layers with closed cells offering numerous benefits, including forming a waterproof barrier between the carpet and the floor, and adhesion to the floor without the need for glue. It installs quickly on any surface and offers easy maintenance, as well as easy replacement when needed.

  • Improved acoustics;
  • Superior resistance for high-traffic areas;
  • Moisture barrier;
  • Simple and easy maintenance;
  • Low VOC emission - Green Label Plus certified;
  • Improvement of air quality by reducing airborne particles;
  • Easy installation, repair, and replacement;
  • Optimal foot comfort;
  • Reduced risk of falls.
PermaFuse XL
When Two Become One

Based on proven technology in the modular carpet industry, our PermaFuse XL rolls are equipped with PermaFuse backing technology, elevating our carpet backing to a whole new level of performance and durability.

The FuseMax seam tape and SealMax sealer allow you to complete any installation without using glue, while avoiding the need for vapor emission rate (VER) or relative humidity (RH) testing.

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