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Tailor-made solutions for your projects. Our designers are at your disposal to help you realize your projects, both functionally and aesthetically. We will work with you to turn your ideas into reality.

Let's Discuss Your Project

Let's Discuss Your Project

The entire process, from ideation to production, is marked by close collaboration between your team and ours at Tapis Venture, to create a custom carpet that not only meets technical specifications but also embodies your artistic vision. Each custom carpet is a unique piece that combines craftsmanship with creativity.



The first step is research into trends and needs, carried out by our Senior Industrial Designer. Then we share with you the inspirations and ideas obtained.



Using our design software, our Designer will create multiple patterns, develop a complete color scheme, and then generate computer renderings to provide an overview of the final product.



Every step of the way, from pattern creation to color design, our team works closely with you. We present each major step of the project to you, and then jointly make a selection adapted to your project.



Once the pattern and color scheme have been approved, we ensure that the product meets the desired specifications, and then launch a pre-production run. If the pre-production is satisfactory, then we launch the actual production.

Dive into the world of custom carpet design with Tapis Venture, where technology meets art, and each project comes to life before your eyes, even before it's woven into reality.

Our 3-D rendering service allows you to integrate products into your 3-D environments, enabling you to experiment with and validate various configurations.

The renderings contribute to the selection of proposals that will enhance your architectural gestures. Let our artists help you bring out the best in your projects.

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